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About us

VV is a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian local food and goods. Our shelves are lined with the best Malaysia products like fruits and high-quality local favorites. Our mission is to give Malaysian agricultural produce oversea exposure, as well as to introduce truly authentic Malaysian F&B to an international audience in the world. We ensure our quality not only the products but also the service. We have very high regard about our customer’s religious beliefs. We pay extra attention to F&B products, because we know that F&B is one of the most important things when it comes to religious beliefs. We carry diverse ethnic foods and we make sure that we also carry halal, kosher, vegetarian, and organic foods to our customer’s need. We keep our halal, and kosher food separate from other products. We also use separate facility to pack and ship them to you. Even though, the food is not contaminated with non-halal or non-kosher, but we take an extra step to satisfy our customers. 

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